Saturday, April 16, 2011

Haunted Highland Tower

Im sure many still remember the incident of Highland Tower. It was a tragedy which cost many lives. This tower must hv been built on loose ground or the architects have been sleeping on their job. Rain was pouring down so heavily for a few days. The heavy rain caused the building to collapse and killed so many residents trapped in it. How can a building collapse so easily just because it was raining? It is better said that 'they' were sleeping on their job. The incident shocked the nation where hundreds of live were lost. This building, precisely situated in the Selangor province was rumoured to be haunted ever since that tragedy. Residents living nearby often heard people screaming and crying late at night. Probably the ghosts of the dead which try to escape from that place. Not only noises could be heard. Ghosts sightings were reported also. There was a taxi driver who drove near that place to look for customers at night. A lady came out of no where flagged his taxi and boarded. This lady requested to go to Highland Tower but the driver did not sense anything amiss. It is very weird for a lady to go to the abandoned building at the wee hours. When they reach the building, the lady gave the driver her purse and boarded off. The driver was confused and opened up her purse. He was so shocked to see that the purse was full of blood and hell notes. Another incident also relates taxi driver. This Malay driver was looking for customer nearby too when he saw a young Malay girl flagged his taxi. Pressed on the break and let the lady to board on, he asked where she wanted to go. This lady requested to go to Highland Tower also. On the way to the building, this driver started to converse with this lady and their conversation lead to the purpose why this lady wanted to go to that abandoned building at that hour. This lady replied in Malay "Oh taxi brother, I forgot to take my things. My belongings are left i that building" The driver replied "Cant u take them tomorrow? It is very late and its very dangerous. What are those things that u need them so urgently?" The lady smiled and answered him "Oh, those things are my arms and legs" After that, i do not know what happened to the taxi driver.


  1. tomorrow my friends and i going 2 highland tower in the evening. we are going 2 do our assignment on literature..
    it's scary but we will go through it..

    1. Hi Priya,

      Me n My Friends passed by Highland Towers Yesterday evening after a party. We didn't want to stop to take a look as it was late evening already, the place looked so scary.

      Is it possible for you to share with me your experience visiting this place? This is because I'm planning to go there with my friends.
      Thank You,

  2. The taxi drivers are sure very brave